10 natural bases and 1 SUPER natural lightening form the primary colors that develops the ECoEL. philosophy
The base color formulated with precious oils to convey the pigments in a better way of color through the hair scales, assuring total coverage of white hair.
Each base can be customized through the use of the Reflection, to make every creation unique.

Oil concentrates defined color, allow you to customize the extreme intensity of your reflexes. added to the bases color give the intensity of reflected color you want giving vent to your imagination.
You can create anything you can imagine using the same basis as reflected in two colors, creating something unique for each customer and unrepeatable.
Example: Color Light Brown Gold 5.3 is made by BASE COLOR Light brown+ 5 drops of 0.3 Gold REFLEX

Since the natural basis are in oily form, the choice of the oxygens in cream has a dual purpose: to stabilize the compound that thanks to the many active ingredients contained in them and the sweetness of rice starch, produce a beneficial effect on skin and hair, during the exposure time, thus creating a moment of pure pleasure for your hair.
ECoEL as all the ammonia-free products works with the help of oxygen, thatís why we have created all the possibilities: 3 VOL. 5 VOL. 10 VOL. 20 VOL. 30 VOL. 40 VOL, to better respond to the needs of your salon.
  • Oxidant Cream ECoEL 3-VOL 5 VOL., And 10 VOL. You should use in order to repigmented toned hair natural or color faded within 10 minutes of exposure.
  • Oxidant Cream ECoEL to 20 VOL. provides complete coverage of white hair and a lightening of 1 tone, you should use it when there are a lot of white hair above 50%.
  • Oxidant Cream ECoEL to 30 VOL. provides a perfect gray coverage and a lightening up to 2 tones, it should be used in cases where a quantity of white hair is less than 50%. Its use is recommended to enhance any tints I want to use with the Color Basics ECoEL.

One of the features that complete the world ECoEL is definitely a strong attention to the welfare of skin and hair, thatís why is borne this the Protein Hydration Stabilizer.
Multivitamin supplement protein that stabilizes the mixture of color, thanks to its many active ingredients such as jojoba oil, macadamia oil, Argan Oil, Honey, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, protects the hair during the coloring giving nourishment and softness. Is necessary within the composition of the mixture of color, to make the time to pose an opportunity for your hair being found.