Usage rules for the preparation of color

Prepare in a non-metallic bowl or in a shaker:
  • Base Color
  • cream base or oxidant mixing ratio 1:1
  • If desired, you can create a reflection adding to the mixture of the appropriate doses of reflections.
  • Stabiliser Moisturizing Protein in doses appropriate to the type of hair
Stir the mixture and pass to the application. ECoEL for its wealth of oil needs to be applied with a brush across the board, from left to right, especially in the presence of white hair.

Rules of use of reflections
  1. For every 50ml of base color, the reflection can be added for a total maximum of 10 doses, the quantity of doses added to the mixture, determines the intensity of the reflection you want.
  2. You can add a maximum of 2 doses of Reflection, for every 10ml of base colors.
  3. In the case of two tints, the reflection dominant, must be present in quantities greater than the second, always remembering the allowed maximum of 10 doses.

Time of pose

  • 3 VOL. 0,9% - pose 10/15 min
  • 5 VOL. 1,5% - pose 20/30 min
  • 10 VOL. 3% - pose 20/30 min
  • 20 VOL. 6% - pose 30/35 min
  • 30 VOL. 9% - pose 35/40 min
  • 40 VOL. 12% - pose 40/45 min