ECOEL is your creativity into the future.

All with a unique way: we provide you with the foundation color and a few drops of Reflection get the color you want, without the possibility of error, with a total coverage of white hair.

ECOEL provides you with over 80,000 possible color to formulate your proposal, your customers and make it unique.

ECOEL is the stain designed to enhance the color of your proposal. His innovative philosophy makes it unique in the world of “do-it-yourself”.

Thanks to your creativity and the many opportunities you will create the conditions for the customer loyalty that will finally benefit from a personalized service and exclusive unique color.

Not only that, ECoEL is a color designed to give well-being, and transform from a session hairdresser at a time of restructuring and care of their hair.

Its composition, rich in active ingredients and the choice of vehicle color pigment with the oil gel, it allows a bright color and a sheen of hair.

It can be said that all the shutter speed, thanks to the active substances with it is accompanied ECoEL, the customer becomes a moment of refreshing wellness for the health of their hair.

ECoEL, like all our products, is a right of the hairdresser to own the exclusive, only for their own salons, and its specification is not producing stock funds, saving you money.

ECOEL is your creativity into the future.